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June 14, 2021
Eternally Free

After a tumultuous year of radio silence we're back with yet another side project by label founder Jonas Loman called Maudlin Dryad. MD was originally started as a band in 2012 but is currently a solo project. If it will remain that way is unclear.

"Forever EP" contains four songs, three of which were taken from Jonas' multi-decade spanning singer-songwriter backlog, while the fourth song was cowritten with his friend Dejan Kisic.
The EP features both indie-/alt-rock elements as well as Jonas' signature retroesque electronic music stylings. All songs were freshly recorded & produced in Renoise Tracker.

Download zip of mp3s: Maudlin Dryad - Forever EP!

Stream via Youtube.

Check out Maudlin Dryad on Bandcamp if you'd like to show monetary support (or just get access to free wav & flac files).

Stay safe! ~~RN
April 30, 2020
R E V I V E!

Back in 2006, Stefan Strand debuted on Reunion with RNS004 (!!!) under the pseudonym Monodrive. Now, 14 years later he gives us his first original* contribution as Sublunar, his 'official' Trance alias. The track, named Phoenix Down is a powerful and soothing progressive trance ride into his particular style of writing, where every note has a crafted purpose.

* We posted a remix of a Sublunar track back in the day as well, so there is another, just not an original.

Anyhow, here we go:
Reunion proudly present Sublunar - Phoenix Down

Stefan is also the brain behind ambient project Between Interval, the easiest way to support Stefan is to check out his albums!

Stay tuned! ~~RN
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